What to wear to the Dream Holi Festival?
There is no dresscode at this event. Therefore, wear what seems most comfortable for you. We suggest to wear light colors (white) to our festival, because the colors on these clothes will be brighter and will stand out. Please note that colored powders are absolutely harmless to humans as well as for your clothes, and are quite easily washed.

What is a Holi colorful powder and is it safe for my health?
Holi powder is made on the basis of food colors and is completely harmless for both adults and children. The product is manufactured in Germany and helds constant and regular checks, all the necessary European certificates for the events are provided.

What about cleaning things from the powder? Will the powder leave marks on my clothes after washing?
To this day, we have not had any feedback regarding problems in washing out the powder from the clothes. For cleaning and washing your belongings, you will need a standard washing powder and the easiest way to clean your clothes, is to wash them in the washing machine. In rare cases, there might be light marks on white clothes.

Can I purchase a t-shirt or some other clothes that I might change into at this event?
At the box offices at our event you can purchase our low-priced branded T-shirts in different sizes, in which you can safely walk, play, and let yourself be painted at our festival.

How much powder should I buy for this event?
Based on our experience, the average person at the event uses 3 powder packets or even more. Each case is individual.

Will the powder go off my face and hair?
Yes, the powder can be easely washed off from hair and face. In very extreme and exceptional cases because of the quantity of the food color, the color might stick to artificially lightened hair. If anyone notices on their hair some paint, it does not in any way mean that you have to color your hair. We suggest to just wash your hair several times and the paint will eventually go off.

Are there food and drinks sold at this event?
Yes, you can buy food and different beverages at our event. You can not bring your own food.

Where can I buy tickets?
Pre-sale tickets can be bought in ticket offices throughout cities. On the day of the event, it is possible to buy tickets in ticket offices at a site itself.

Where can I buy powders?
Color powders are sold at a site itself on the day of the event. If you have pre-purchased a ticket where there were powders included, you can collect your powders at a site by presenting your ticket.

Is there an age limit at the Dream Holi Festival?
There are no age limit. Everybody is welcome. Children under 6 years old should come with their parents.

Can I bring my own powder?
No, unfortunately you can`t. As we care about the environment and your health, you can only use our powder which is tested and certified by the Ministry of Health.

When does the event and program start?
The doors open at 12.00. The entertainment program starts at 15.00. Every hour a Flashmob will be held, during which powders will be thrown out at the same time after the countdown from 10 to 0.

Can I bring a photo camera with me to this event?
Yes, cameras are allowed. In the case of professional filming with professional cameras, you must agree with the organizers of the event in advance.